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Every district and every school has unique students, plans and needs. At IO Education, we work to understand what matters most to you and how we can help you create your plans for success

"To me, the team at IO Education is the biggest selling point. Since I'm doing so much outside of the box with competency based grading, I can tell the team that I want to meet with them to discuss an idea, and within a week I'm on a webinar with them trying to figure out how to get it done. They've been great partners in me figuring out how I can better communicate with students and parents and other teachers about student achievement and it's a great way to mark and maintain student data so that I can better teach students moving forward."

Starr Sackstein   English and Journalism Teacher World Journalism Preparatory School

"I certainly think that the support I've received with IO Classroom and IO Education is outstanding. Anytime any of our staff members have a problem, I am able to call and have every question answered. I think tech support is something that should not be overlooked when you are evaluating education products, and you certainly get great tech support with the wonderful staff at IO Education."

Stephen Bland   Technology Teacher Herbert Lehman High School

"I would tell any other district that the solutions from IO Education are great, and it's a wonderful group of people who really care about education and care about making the best product that they possibly can by really focusing in on student learning. We’re very pleased with the products we use in Sharon PS and hope to continue for a long time."

John Marcus   Director of Technology and Libraries Sharon Public Schools

Day-to-day support  

From the first phone call to the webinars, product updates, new trainings, and help desk support years later, we are with you every step of the way. Our support team is U.S. based with 30+ members of desk support in offices from California to New York City. With response time within one work day via email and a live person to answer the phone when you call from 8:00 am to 6:00pm EST time – we’ve got you covered.

Our Customer Success Specialists are your new best friend

Once you decide to work with us we’ll designate a Customer Success Specialist who will get to know you and the needs of your team. Our Customer Success Specialists have years of experience assisting clients throughout implementations and providing knowledge and continuous support. They will work directly with your system administrator and assist in planning, rollout, and customized training.

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