Classroom Solutions

Manage your classroom and engage the school community with one integrated solution

"We want to make sure that the data we have is in the hands of our teachers and counselors so that we can have conversations with students and families. IO Education allows us to be able to have those conversations that are very targeted and pointed for students and families to make decisions."

Seung Yu   Principal Academy for Software Engineering

"IO Education has helped us to quantify behavioral and social/emotional data, to be predictive and preventative to help improve academic achievement. How we use IO Education’s products have helped transform the culture of our school."

Mark Erlewein   Principal Staten Island Technical High School

Classroom Solutions for Everyone

Manage your gradebook, assignments, attendance, behavior, report cards and more with integrated and real-time parent/student communications.

Streamline daily educator workflow with student data, gradebooks, attendance and communication in one user-friendly system

Easily manage your gradebook with the ability to to focus on outcomes, standards and compliance

Improve school culture by capturing behavior and anecdotals to create point-based badging systems and modification programs

Make grades, assignments, calendar and progress reports readily accessible to parents and student through our PupilPath® student portal

Help students achieve social, emotional, and academic success by tracking PBIS and other intervention systems

Combine with messaging capabilities to create rule-based, real-time SMS communication with parents and students

Manage your entire classroom

Access your data and create your plans

With IO Education’s classroom solution, you can manage your entire workload from seating and attendance, to assignment management, to your standards based gradebook, report cards and more. 
Complete student profiles, track academic performance, biographical information, graduation eligibility, attendance, intervention (RTI) plans and more.

Engage parents and students

PupilPath and Messaging features improve transparency and accountability

With PupilPath and the capability to send text messages, parents and students get real-time updates and can access the information that they need.  Alerts for attendance, academic performance or behavioral indicators can be sent via SMS or through the PupilPath portal, simplifying  teacher workflow and improving parental knowledge and involvement.

Bi-directional translation services offer language localization with 50 languages for ESL and non-English speaking families.

Focus on the whole student

Behavior and anecdotal scoring go beyond grades

Grades and numbers are just part of student success. IO Education helps track and quantify specific behaviors, to understand and  benefit students’ everyday life.  Anecdotal types can be customized by school and school badges aligned to the behavior help celebrate positive actions.

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Are You Ready To Improve Educational Outcomes?

Ask us about our products, pricing, implementation, or anything else!

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