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IO Insights allows you to access data and take action at the district, school and classroom level

"IO Education has helped us to quantify behavioral and social/emotional data, to be predictive and preventative to help improve academic achievement. How we use IO Education’s products have helped transform the culture of our school."

Mark Erlewein   Principal, Staten Island Technical High School

"With IO Education, our student intervention process has become simple, effective, and very efficient."

Cathy Giles   Principal, Killam Elementary School, MA

"We want to make sure that the data we have is in the hands of our teachers and counselors so that we can have conversations with students and families. IO Education allows us to be able to have those conversations that are very targeted and pointed for students and families to make decisions."

Seung Yu   Principal, Academy for Software Engineering

Achieving Your Academic Goals

Unrivaled access to data with IO Insights

APIs and automated data uploads integrate your data into one solution

Data access and analysis functionality meet all state ESSA accountability and reporting requirements

Create custom KPIs, graduation trackers and more to track your district's specific needs and goals

Proactive dashboards help visualize and analyze student achievement data in real time

Early warning indicators and graduation tracking enable action and make personalized learning possible

Common data sets and reports drive alignment and collaboration at all levels

The Whole Child Approach

Aggregate your data for a complete student picture

IO Education uses a variety of data collection processes including  APIs and uploads into one powerful analytics platform.

  • SIS demographic data
  • Classroom data including grades
  • Cognitive development
  • Attendance and tardy counts
  • Local benchmark assessments
  • District & state assessments

Powerful Dashboards and Reports

IO Insights allows real-time access to data to drive powerful visualization and reporting including:

  • Early warning indicators
  • RTI Monitoring
  • Specified graduation pathway tracking such as STEM, IEP, or gifted
  • Graduation pathways
  • KPI scorecards based on school or district initiatives

Role based permissions and automated reporting help to ensure that all employees – from the district to the school to the classroom – have access to the data they need to monitor performance and make important instructional decisions.

Focus on students and performance

Putting faces and names to the data

IO Education’s Virtual Data Wall allows educators to translate their data down to the student level.  Choose from data sets that include classroom performance such as grades, attendance, behavior and assessments to create powerful filters and views into your student’s performance.

Personalized Learning and Interventions

Plans and actions at the student level

The power in any insight is its ability to drive action. IO Education’s planning functionality helps teachers in implementing student supports (IEPs, 504s, interventions). Educators can work their plans through to completion, take notes, submit evidence to the planning profile for a comprehensive evidence based portfolio to support their day to day work with students.

Make Targeted and Personalized Learning a Reality in Every Classroom

Training that brings the teacher front and center


Each portal must make sense to the teacher for the right data to be communicated school-wide. If the teachers don’t feel comfortable with the platform, the entire process unravels. Our trainers understand this – and put teachers front and center.


Our implementation specialists are trained to listen. They pride themselves on treating each user, each data piece, and each question with respect. With hundreds of successful implementations nationwide, we understand each school and district needs a personal approach for success.


Our support begins at the beginning. We believe in equal levels of support no matter where you are in our process: from the first inquiry on day one to questions months (or years) later. Domestic email and phone inquiries with 24 hour response time. We value our clients and thank them by supporting them, always.

Are You Ready To Improve Educational Outcomes?

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Are You Ready To Improve Educational Outcomes?

Ask us about our products, pricing, implementation, or anything else!

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