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Districts need the right tools to bring their plans to life. IO Education provides the data integration, analytical tools and student/teacher solutions you need to foster collaboration and meet your goals.

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Bringing District Plans to Life

Data Access and Insights Made Easy

One Data Platform

APIs and automated data transfers can bring SIS and other data to a single, integrated platform, giving you easy access to all the data that you need, when you need it.

Powerful Analysis and Insights

Reports, dashboards and data visualization tools proactively highlight critical information for the right people at the right time, allowing you to collaborate, plan and take action.

Create Customized and Standard Aligned Assessments

From the district-level to individual classrooms, coordinated assessments and data analysis lead to better long-term results. Choose from over 50,000 items and use IO Education to create assessments aligned to state standards or your custom needs.

Common assessments, flexible tools and powerful reporting tools help you drive consistency and common goals from the district to the school and through each and every classroom.

Make Plans and Take Action


Use real-time student data to plan and manage personalized instruction. Save and share progress to standards-based student evidence portal.


Design and implement personalized learning plans (PLP), then collaborate with other educators to stay on track. Easily communicate with parents and students.

Foster Professional Growth

Evaluate and Develop Your Staff

Our research-based tools helps your school staff improve by providing evaluations for teachers and school leadership alike. IO Education helps you generate, track and manage reliable, valid and comprehensive professional data that you can use to develop your staff and your leadership.

PALS Tell You What to Teach Next

Screening, Diagnosis, and Progress Monitoring

When State Mandates allow school districts to choose what assessment works best for them – time and time again they turn to the reliability of PALS. 20 + years of research-based assessments with strong technical adequacy allows teachers to measure and monitor children’s knowledge of grade-level literacy fundamentals from Pre-K through 8.

Districts Nationwide Use IO Education

What People Have to Say

"IO Education allows our teachers to view their class and right away see years worth of data about kids and what kinds of interventions...plans were made for those kids."

John Marcus   Director of Technology

"IO Education has made it very easy to track students and to make sure that they are lining up correctly so that they can move on and graduate."

Daniel Petrotta   Data Specialist and Special Education Teacher

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Are You Ready To Improve Educational Outcomes?

Ask us about our products, pricing, implementation, or anything else!

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