Focus on What Matters Most

Every minute of a teacher’s day is important. IO Education provides user-friendly solutions that support data-based instructional planning and streamline daily classroom tasks. Our tools are designed to give teachers more time to focus on what matters most – students.

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Bring Student Plans To Life

Online Assessments Made Easy

Teacher friendly

Created for teachers, the assessment solution streamlines every step of the assessment process, from creation to administration to data analysis. With an extensive integrated item bank, multiple question formats to choose from, and customizable metrics, IO Education is helping educators around across the country deliver high quality assessments.

One-click reporting

What good is an assessment system without easy-to-view, customizable reports? Generate classroom, student, or school-wide reports in seconds and download shareable reports with a single click.

All Your Data in One Place

Disparate, disjointed data confuses school communities from the top down. You need real time access to student data to monitor progress-to-plan. Quickly drill-down on student demographics, grades, assessments, behavior, and intervention strategies. All information is in one easy-to-use interface designed by former teachers with daily workflow in mind.

Parent and Student Engagement

Planning with PupilPath

Teachers, parents, and students all want a system that is easy to use and keeps student growth at the forefront. Post grades and other metrics to update data instantly, then track performance, behavior, and graduation progress through the system or the app from any device.

Communication at Your Fingertips

Parent engagement is critical, but regular communication can be time-consuming and challenging. Send attendance or grade notifications instantly via text or chat within the application, and even set up auto-notifications with language translation.

Professional Growth

Talent and Professional Development

School-wide educator effectiveness tools inform transformational professional development plans. Graduate-level case-based, online courses allow teachers to receive credit they need to advance their careers.

Teachers at Schools Across the Nation
Use IO Education

IO Education allows our teachers to view their class and right away see years worth of data about kids and what kinds of interventions...plans were made for those kids.

John Marcus   Director of Technology

IO Education has made it very easy to track students and to make sure that they are lining up correctly so that they can move on and graduate.

Daniel Petrotta   Data Specialist and Special Education Teacher

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Are You Ready To Improve Educational Outcomes?

Ask us about our products, pricing, implementation, or anything else!

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