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We're on a mission to empower educators through data to improve education outcomes for every school in the U.S.


Full-stack data integration with your SIS,
assessment and classroom systems

Reliable Engagement

Real-time parent and student engagement that they will rely on

Set Goals,
Track Progress

Set custom classroom, school and district goals; track progress longitudinally

Personalized Planning

Personalize learning plans for students. Personalized success plans for staff and operations

We believe that delivering the right data to the right people at the right time will have a profound impact on student achievement.

By empowering educators with insights aggregated from data silos in schools and districts, IO Education creates an environment of seamless student and parent engagement, improved classroom efficiency and constant awareness of student achievement.

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We believe students will succeed when educators can identify and target individual learning needs and deliver a personalized success plan for each student.

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monthly parent & student logins

Join hundreds of districts using data
to improve educational outcomes.

"What I can say, emphatically, is that the group unanimously chose IO Education. We loved what the platform offered, parent engagement, and the ease of use. So it really wasn’t my decision to bring IO in, it was a decision of the committee. And that committee loved the product, the platform, the services and the potential.”
Dr. Chris Marczak

Dr. Chris Marczak | Director of Schools
Maury County Public Schools, Tennessee

"To me, the team at IO Education is the biggest selling point. Since I'm doing so much outside of the box with competency based grading, I can tell the team that I want to meet with them to discuss an idea, and within a week I'm on a webinar with them trying to figure out how to get it done. They've been great partners in me figuring out how I can better communicate with students and parents and other teachers about student achievement and it's a great way to mark and maintain student data so that I can better teach students moving forward."
Starr Sackstein

Starr Sackstein | High School English and Journalism Teacher
World Journalism Preparatory School

"The transparency that having a platform like IO Education provides is essential for the success of our school. Our administrators need to be able to see what's happening across the classes, while teachers need to understand what's going on in their classrooms."
Meredith Towne

Meredith Towne | AP Teacher
Academy for Software Engineering

"IO Education has helped us to quantify behavioral and social/emotional data, to be predictive and preventative to help improve academic achievement. How we use IO Education’s products have helped transform the culture of our school."
 Mark Erlewein

Mark Erlewein | Principal
Staten Island Technical High School

"I certainly think that the support I've received with IO Classroom and IO Education is outstanding. Anytime any of our staff members have a problem, I am able to call and have every question answered. I think tech support is something that should not be overlooked when you are evaluating education products, and you certainly get great tech support with the wonderful staff at IO Education."
Stephen Bland

Stephen Bland | Technology Teacher
Herbert Lehman High School

"We want to make sure that the data we have is in the hands of our teachers and counselors so that we can have conversations with students and families. We go down to the very specifics of how a student's performing, whether it's the standard of a specific skill or it is that a specific number of days that the student has missed. IO Education allows us to be able to have those conversations that are very targeted and pointed for students and families to make decisions."
Seung Yu

Seung Yu | Principal
Academy for Software Engineering

"I wanted to take a minute and let you know how much I appreciate all of your effort to support Spokane as we transition to using IO Assessment. The whole team at Spokane has been extremely impressed with the product, but more than that, very impressed and appreciative with the team at IO Education. I look forward to our continued work together."
Travis Schulhauser

Travis Schulhauser | Director, Assessment & Program Effectiveness
Spokane Public Schools

"I would tell any other district that the solutions from IO Education are great, and it's a wonderful group of people who really care about education and care about making the best product that they possibly can by really focusing in on student learning. We’re very pleased with the products we use in Sharon PS and hope to continue for a long time."
John Marcus

John Marcus | Director of Technology and Libraries
Sharon Public Schools

“With IO Education, our student intervention process has become simple, effective, and very efficient.”
Cathy Giles

Cathy Giles | Principal
Killam Elementary School, MA

"We’ve built our IO Insights and IO Talent world. We used it for student data, school data and teacher evaluations. Now we are moving into the measurement and observation phase this year. I really see it as a one stop management system for our school district"
Dr. James McCoy

Dr. James McCoy | Superintendent
Lee County School District

Hundreds of features all in One Platform

At the core of IO Education is the K12 Data Platform that aggregates data from existing classroom, district and state systems and makes that data insightful and actionable. The IO Education products have hundreds of features that schools and districts rely on every day to help students achieve learning goals.

  • Secure and private K12 data platform
  • Integrate with district and state systems
  • Automatic data extractor
  • Standards-based gradebook
  • Standards-based report cards
  • Seating charts & attendance
  • Behavior, anecdotals & badges
  • 2-way parent messaging
  • Student & parent portal
  • Assignment management
  • Google Apps integration
  • iOS & Android apps
  • Student ePortfolio
  • Track student learning objectives (SLO)
  • Operations plan management
  • Personalized learning plans
  • Graduation tracking
  • Multiple graduation pathways
  • Early warning
  • KPI scorecards
  • District dashboard
  • School dashboard
  • Teacher dashboard
  • Pivot reporting with sort, filter & grouping
  • Educator evaluation system
  • Educator observation tools
  • Educator evidence portfolio
  • Educator portfolio review
  • Educator plan management
  • Operations evaluation system
  • Operations observation tools
  • Operations evidence portfolio
  • Operations portfolio review

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