Thank you to everyone who came out on Thursday, May 14th for our 5th Annual DataCation EXPO. We can’t think of a better way to bring together our friends and clients, our CaseNEX-DataCation team, and a terrific group of educators both curious and passionate about learning how to put data to its best use in the classroom. A huge thanks to all our presenters and attendees: Your participation in this event is the number one reason it’s such a success year after year. We hope you enjoyed the day as much as we did. Please let us know what you thought at #DataCationEXPO2015.

The CaseNEX DataCation division uses this event to showcase new additions to the suite of DataCation tools. This year we announced the release of the new DataCation data-tracking tool DataCation Compass including demonstrations of the new system. With a slated release date of fall 2015, participants got a sneak peak of a product that goes above and beyond what users would expect from their on-line data-tracking tools.

What gets people so excited about DataCation Compass is how many data points the tool can track on one screen, which is what truly makes it a “A Constant Awareness System.” Check out all of the data points it can track below. So much more than any other system out there right now!

Daily Attendance, Course Attendance, Report Card, Gardebook Averages, Gradebook Standards, Gradebook Categories, Anecdotal Logs, Regents Exams, Regents Standards and Items, Benchmark Assessments, Teacher Assessments, Common Core Standards, Credits, 3rd to 8th Grade NYS Assessments, Suspensions, Mock Regents and State Exams, Demographic Information, Performance Levels, Flag Credentials, Credits, and more.  

Learn more here by taking a look at the DataCation Compass Guide. See sample student profile below:


The EXPO is also a great time to learn new ways to use our data tools, along with hints and tips from current clients. For example, Deirdre DeAngelis and her team from New Dorp High School (the nation’s leading school in usage of DataCation and our longest running client) presented on the successful integration of Skedula in their school.

We’re so proud of the presentation our Guest speaker, Harold Levy, gave. It was an emotional and riveting talk about the future of education in the U.S. It was a not-to-be-missed presentation, and his history as Former Chancellor of New York City Public Schools made his talk more than appropriate for our 250+ educators in attendance.

Author and blogger Starr Sackstein, one of our featured presenters, presented a workshop with the theme of throwing out traditional grades. Check out her recent article in Education Week regarding Data being a positive (not negative!) word, and her comments on DataCation’s teacher platform, Skedula.

And a big thanks to another great team of presenters: Patrick Burns, Tyrone Pauline, and Jennifer Rivera from Middle School 217 Robert A. Van Wyck. Their talk on using Anecdotal Badges to track student behavior was beneficial to any teacher in attendance looking to learn more about features of the teacher platform, Skedula, and the anecdotal badge system. Learn more reviewing his presentation here and how the anecdotal badge system led to a 50% drop of in school suspensions at Middle School 217 Robert A. Van Wyck.

Last but not least: Check out the winner of our iPad video contest. We had so many great entries it was nearly impossible to choose, but we felt this one had the best message and represented PupilPath, the DataCation student data portal, in the most creative way. Thanks again students and teacher team from New Dorp High School now the proud recipients of 6 iPad Minis!


Thanks again from your friends at DataCation and we hope to see you all next year at the 2016 DataCation Expo!

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