On Tuesday, May 24th DataCation hosted its 6th Annual Tech EXPO in New York City. We want to thank all attendees, panelists, presenters and members of the education community who helped make this year’s EXPO such a success.

The combination of 200+ attendees and our growing product line made this year’s EXPO the most memorable yet. It was especially exciting for the DataCation team as we proudly revealed our rebranding as IO Education. And don’t worry @eileen_lennon, you can still keep your tattoo:

Feel like you missed out? Catch up on the news with the EXPO 2016 EBOOK listing all presenters, panelists, workshop topics, staff publications, rebranding news and more:ebook_button

Below are some highlights and tweets from this year’s event. If you attended we hope you had a great time! Let us know your thoughts at #ioexpo2016.

DataCation Compass and BaselineEdge are now IO Insights

IO Insights is an early warning indicator system used to visually analyze disparate data and identify students needing intervention. IO Insights features our new Virtual Data Wall (showcased at the EXPO) which allows educators to easily identify a student or cohort that needs intervention, and then create and monitor individualized learning plans for students. With our Virtual Data Wall, personalized learning has become a reality. Thanks to Hardin Daniel, IO Education VP of Sales and Marketing, who demonstrated the feature in the workshop session “Using Virtual Data Walls for Personalized Learning.”

For more on IO Insights, DataCation Compass, and The Virtual Data Wall, check out the opening address presented by Peter Bencivenga (DataCation founder and IO Education CAO) and Michael Williamson (CEO of IO Education).

IO Education Opening Address from CaseNEX on Vimeo.

DDC and EADMS combine to create IO Assessment

Our Data Driven Classroom product is now even better with the combination of online assessments. IO Assessment is the comprehensive interim and formative assessment for print and online administration. Our workshop “21st Century Digital Assessment at Your Fingertips” highlighted this great new product. Thanks to Spencer Kerrigan and Neal Robbins from EADMS for the demonstration!

2016 EXPO Panel Highlights

A special thanks to all of our panelists this year and our three panelist moderators: Jordan Horowitz (VP at Institute for Evidence-Based Change and also our guest speaker), Patrick Wall (Senior Reporter at Chalkbeat) and Jill Barshay (Contributing Editor for The Hechinger Report). Our panel sessions featured principals, parents, and teachers with one thing in common: a sense of respect and commitment for using technology in schools to improve student outcomes. We couldn’t think of a better way to hold discussions about best practices and stories from the trenches as our guests answered questions both from moderators and from audience members. Best news ever? We have all three of the panels recorded so we can share with all of you!

Session 1 Panel: How Principals Use Data in Their Schools

Who better to discuss Data in schools than the principals who know that data used in the right way will show results?  In this panel NYCPS principals discussed how to make sense of the plethora of data to help teachers easily understand how to use this information and apply it to their classroom.

IO Education Session One from CaseNEX on Vimeo.

Session 2 Panel: Teachers Discuss Outcomes Based Grading

Competency based grading instead of compliance based grading: in this panel teachers discuss some of the best practices used to evaluate student learning. Expert teachers in the New York Public School System discuss – with combined DataCation product user experience of 10+ years.

IO Education Session Two from CaseNEX on Vimeo.

Session 3: Parent Panel – Community Engagement

PupilPath parents discuss the importance of using technology to become the out-of-classroom advocate for their child. PupilPath is sure to remain one of our most popular IO Education products!

IO Education Session Three from IO Education on Vimeo.

Thanks again to all those who attended this year’s EXPO, along with our presenters, panelists, and moderators. We look forward to seeing you all next year! We thank you for your support and look forward to providing that support right back at you for many more years to come. And yes @MrPetrotta, we agree:

And remember, we are always here to help whenever you need us!

Ordering a new package, or renewing your solutions from IO Education and adding any of the new products to your existing NYC school package is easy:

Visit http://www.datacation.com/Register/NYCDOE/ and select the package that is right for your school.

If you have questions or would like to see a demo of any of these products, please email Account Executive Paul LoBoen at ploboen@ioeducation.com or call 866.817.0726 x104. 

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