Using the Virtual Data Wall to Analyze Student Assessment Data

In this article below, we will be focus on Assessments and how to turn the raw data from your students’ assessments into insights about progress and achievement so that you can take action to personalize learning goals and even differentiate instruction to help improve outcomes for your students. There are many types of assessments in…

Kayla Dunigan on April 12, 2017

Anecdotals Make a Difference

One of the unique aspects of Skedula is the Anecdotal feature. Anectodals allow teachers and staff to capture both quantitative and qualitative information about a student’s behavior, and monitor that information over time for the student, a class or even the entire school. The good news is that anecdotals do not have to be negative….

Kayla Dunigan on April 5, 2017

Parent-teacher communication, a secret ingredient to student achievement

According to a study by researchers at Harvard University and Brown University entitled “The Underutilized Potential of Teacher-to-Parent Communication,” a field experiment involving 435 struggling high school students proved that even light communication between parents and teachers can be a significant factor in increasing student success. In the study, the teachers employed a brief personal…

Kayla Dunigan on March 29, 2017

Improving Graduation Rates

With graduation just around the corner, now is a great time to assess your students’ progress towards graduation requirements. In this post, we will be focused on using the Metrics function of IO Insights to do real-time prediction of graduation from grades 9 through 12. Traditionally, graduation information has been tracked on mega-spreadsheets with hundreds…

Kayla Dunigan on March 22, 2017

IO Insights Update – January 2017

IO Education is excited to begin 2017 with several significant updates that have been requested from our partners, including updates in the presentation and functionality in the Virtual Data Wall, Assessment Management, and Plans. Redesigned Virtual Data Wall The redesigned Virtual Data Wall allows educators to analyze student academic data quicker and more intuitive. Changes to…

Kayla Dunigan on January 13, 2017

PupilPath and Skedula Updates – December 2016

IO Education is excited to announce updates to the PupilPath and Skedula iOS applications. PupilPath Updates: Users can now access their Assessment History in the app. Additionally, users can now change terms within PupilPath.  A small green circle will appear when the user is in the current term, and the indicator will turn red when viewing any other…

Kayla Dunigan on December 8, 2016

IO Insights Updates – November 2016

Update – 12/20/2016 Please review a recent webinar where the IO Education team provides a tour and overview of the new functionality: Original – 11/15/2016 IO Education is pleased to announce updates to the Plans feature of IO Insights. The enhanced functionality provides a better user experience for educators as they work to track student…

Kayla Dunigan on November 15, 2016

Insights: Welcome Back and Updated User Screen

IO Education would like to welcome back all educators, students, and parents for the 2016-2017 school year! We are excited about the continued partnership with you in providing solutions that will help you make effective use of your data. To do that, we are continuously updating features in the IO Education system, to make sure the product remains…

Kayla Dunigan on September 28, 2016

PupilPath 2.0 Is Here!

IO Education is excited to announce the release of PupilPath 2.0 mobile app for iOS and Android. This new version is a full rewrite of the original PupilPath application. The app is now fully native, providing a much faster, cleaner and more responsive user experience. The UI has been beautifully redesigned to make use of screen real…

Kayla Dunigan on August 16, 2016

Product Updates – July 2016

IO Education is pleased to announce product enhancements for the 2016-2017 school year. These new features are a result of customer feedback, and our commitment to provide a seamless user experience that allows educators to make student, staff, and school data actionable and clear. Thank you for your continued support of IO Education. If you have…

Kayla Dunigan on July 21, 2016

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