Releasing new HTML5 Start page

It’s an exciting time for the BaselineEdge team and for our valued users. We are finalizing the last few components for our full HTML5 technology conversion. We have traveled this road for the past year and are within sight of completion. This technology update will provide our 50,000+(and growing) users across the US with a better performing and cross platform data and performance management solution. The sections below will describe our current release as well as the the roadmap of functionality that will be released soon. We are very excited to launch this new technology and look forward to hearing your feedback.

New Login and Start pages

You’ve noticed the new login page with an updated design. We will be updating the right side of the login page periodically with new content and links to important articles and information. We also would love for you to connect with us using the social media links to Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. We will be publishing important information and tips through these channels.

The new Start page has been redesigned to improve performance and add some great new functionality. It’s important to note that until we release all components of BaselineEdge over the coming weeks, the new start page will launch both pure HTML5 components as well as Silverlight components as needed. As we finalize the remaining development, all of the the Silverlight components will be replaced. We have already released many of the new HTML5 components that have been developed to our users (ie. Data Entry Forms, Evidence Board, Standards Summary, and the new Reporting and Dashboards platform.)

Notifications: News & Tips

A great new feature of the new start page is the Notifications app. This allows our team to send out great information such as product news and tips. When a user logs into BaselineEdge and a new notification is received, they will see a large notification window with the message and links if applicable. This will help us send out notices on new features, tips on existing features and other important news. You can acknowledge the notifications as well as see old ones that you have already read. In the near future we will allow Districts to send out custom notifications to user groups within your organization. This is an exciting new features that will allow us all to better communicate with end users of BaselineEdge.

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Plans search bar

This release also has a new Plans search bar on the right side of the application. This list will load much faster and allow you to type in a name to quickly finds plans that you are looking for and quickly open them.


Roadmap for remaining functionality

As we complete the remaining items on the development roadmap we will notify you of their release. Now that the new start page and navigation has been released we are busy finalizing the development for Analytics as well as the Plans application. These two major components of the solution will be released prior to the new school year starting and over the next few weeks. We will keep everyone updated through the notifications that we will send out, emails, bi-weekly webinars and our social media channels. Be on the lookout for more information.

Browser support

We will be releasing an official document regarding browsers that we are actively testing each build on as well as platforms supported. Our HTML5 technology conversion will give users a much better experience on a variety of different browsers and devices. Our general stance is that we will support and actively test each build on Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari browsers for the current released version of the browser and one version back. You will also be able to run the full application on a variety of mobile devices such as phones and tablets. We will be providing more detailed information on browser and platform support in the very near future as we finish the Analytics and Plans applications.

Connect with us to hear about updates

Lastly, we encourage you to connect with us over our social media channels with the easy to use links on the BaselineEdge login page. We will be publishing a lot of great content on those platforms including announcements of upcoming product releases, new feature descriptions, blog articles, company/product news and tips. Also, please consider joining our bi-weekly webinar events that our Customer Success team produces. These webinars are great ways to hear about upcoming functionality and influence our product roadmap. They are also great to get any current questions answered quickly.

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