IO Education Partners With Vanderbilt University to Service and Improve the VAL-ED Leadership Evaluation System

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE IO Education Partners With Vanderbilt University to Service and Improve the VAL-ED Leadership Evaluation System Vanderbilt University selects IO Education to immediately assume servicing and future development of the Vanderbilt Assessment of Leadership in Education (VAL-ED) school leadership evaluation system ATLANTA – Jan. 19, 2017 – IO Education announces today that…

Eric Masters on January 19, 2017

Professional Learning Communities and Data Team Meetings: How PLCs and data meetings are best used to identify struggling students and intervene

A principal in Reading, Massachusetts asked her teachers to give up one hour every six weeks in order to meet and share their student data. During this time, the teachers came together, asked questions, shared their practices, and collaborated on ways that they could improve student learning. Seven years later, Cathy Giles’ teachers now ask…

Michael Williamson on December 21, 2016

Professional Development Resources for Personalized Blended Learning

Now is the time when districts start crafting budgets for the upcoming school year. For those embarking on personalized blended learning, or those already underway, serious consideration should be given to the time, funding, and strategy devoted to professional development (PD) because blended learning is a fundamental shift in strategy and pedagogy, not a tactic…

Doug Mesecar on October 19, 2016

Why Do Teacher Evaluation?

With the new requirements of Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (T-TESS) moving towards full implementation, it seems like every other conversation I have with our members is around teacher evaluation, and it has made me consider, “why do we do teacher evaluation” in the first place? The ultimate desired outcome is simple, “to foster…

Yolanda Rey on September 9, 2016

The Role of an Online Instructor: Real Relationships in a Virtual Classroom

When I was an undergraduate in my senior year, I realized I needed one required Western Civilization course to graduate on time. Since my senior year was consumed by teaching methods courses in the fall and student teaching in the spring, my schedule would not accommodate a history course on campus. Fortunately, through distance learning…

Eric Masters on July 14, 2016

Online learning with CaseNEX PD

Online learning is becoming the conventional way educators participate in professional development. Family demands, childcare costs and transportation expense mean a boost for distance learning.  Because of the interactive and collaborative technology tools available and innovative learning platforms, educators across the world are taking advantage of the conveniences online learning provides. Furthermore, research tells us…

Eric Masters on June 28, 2016

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