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The dedicated Customer Success team ensures the highest quality implementation and support of your staff

Customer Success

Our Customer Success team are experts at removing typical fears:

Our implementation process is collaborative and efficient

Debbie Spinelli | Superintendent
Foxborough Public Schools

I would describe customer service from IO Education as superior and I don't say that lightly, because it's hard in education to describe anything that way but I would describe it as superior because we have made multiple requests to tweak the way a screen looks, the way a specific component interacts with the user and always have had a one hundred percent responsiveness and in very short order. So we've been able to make the IO Talent system even more customized to meeting our needs because every time we've asked it's been customized to our users.

Stephen Bland | Technology Teacher
Herbert Lehman High School

I certainly think that the support I've received with IO Classroom and IO Education is outstanding. Anytime any of our staff members have a problem, I am able to call and have every question answered. I think tech support is something that should not be overlooked when you are evaluating education products, and you certainly get great tech support with the wonderful staff at IO Education.

Trisha Delaney | Principal
Elijah Stroud Middle School

What I really like about IO Education is the support is always available; you can e-mail or you can call, and that's important to us. We've been fortunate to have trainers who have meshed so well with our staff that they are excited when they hear that IO’s trainers are coming.

Rosemary Mercora | Teacher

I just wanted to thank you for all the work that the Customer Success team did for us as we implemented IO Classroom. Your help desk was always available to assist us with any questions and the trainers have taught us so well. Your professionalism and availability to support us is well appreciated.

Amy Bertos | Assistant Superintendent
Foxborough Public Schools

Customer service from IO Education has been fabulous. There is not been a time where I have not had a phone call back or a phone call answered immediately. Whenever we've had any kind of an issue it has been resolved very quickly and at the same time other solutions have been provided to us and something we may not have thought about to begin with and if it's something that we haven't thought of it's always been something that has been in our best interest of helping us to move forward quickly and smoothly.

John Marcus | Director of Technology and Libraries
Sharon Public Schools

I love the customer service at IO Education they are one of my favourite groups of customer support and we work with a wide variety of vendors out there. And I've always had phenomenal interactions with customer support and I have great people.