IO Education is excited to begin 2017 with several significant updates that have been requested from our partners, including updates in the presentation and functionality in the Virtual Data Wall, Assessment Management, and Plans.

Redesigned Virtual Data Wall
The redesigned Virtual Data Wall allows educators to analyze student academic data quicker and more intuitive. Changes to the Virtual Data Wall include new naming conventions for the top menu, automatic data wall refresh after adding a student to a group, and the ability to remove measure from the left menu bar.
Virtual Data Wall

Virtual Data Wall – Table View
With the new “Table View,” educators can view data wall data in tabular form. Click and drag capability allows users to re-order columns, filter the table by dragging column headers to the blank area directly above the header row, and use the filters in the left menu to further drill down into the data. Finally, the table can be exported directly into Excel.
VDW - Table View

Google Drive and Dropbox integration for the Evidence Board
Users can now upload artifacts to the Evidence Board directly from their Google Drive or Dropbox accounts.
Google Drive and Dropbox in Evidence Board

Table of Contents in Forms
A Table of Contents section can now be added to all Forms in the Plans section. This functionality will appear on the left side of the screen, and allows educators to navigate through a form without scrolling. The Table of Contents is not a default feature and must be requested when submitting forms to IO Education for creation in Plans.
Table of Contents

Assessment Categories
Users can now add categories in the Assessment Management interface. Adding categories helps to filter the Assessments list on the Virtual Data Wall.
Assessments with Categories


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To learn more about these exciting new features, please watch the product update webinar:

As always, we welcome your feedback. If you have questions about these updates or would like to submit feedback, please contact us at

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