IO Education is pleased to announce product enhancements for the 2016-2017 school year. These new features are a result of customer feedback, and our commitment to provide a seamless user experience that allows educators to make student, staff, and school data actionable and clear.

Thank you for your continued support of IO Education. If you have questions about the updates, or would like to submit feedback or feature requests, please send us a message at


Home Page Reports

The new Home Page gives users quick access to valuable reports that provide insights into student performance, as well as graphical breakdowns across several different domains of data.


Analytics = Virtual Data Wall

New name, same insight. The Virtual Data Wall allows users to graphically plot all students or staff and sort, filter, and group against custom metrics.
Virtual Data Wall



This new feature streamlines the rollover process by allowing System Admins to create the next appropriate plan for multiple users at once. Uses can also automatically copy over owners and team members from a user’s previous plan.


Evidence Board

The new Evidence Board allows users to view all of a plan’s evidence in one place, eliminating the need to download evidence items to your computer.
Evidence Board


Create a New Plan (directly from the Plan screen)/List View

Users can now create student and staff plans directly from the Plans page, by clicking Create>Create Plans, and change the screen to List View for a more linear organization.
List View Create Plans

Create Student Plan


Button Filters

Users can now click the green (Complete), blue (Upcoming), or red (Overdue) boxes on the left of the Plans page to filter the forms within a plan by status.


Forms Highlight


Move Plans

If a teacher or a student switches schools, administrators can use the Move Plans feature to quickly transfer an existing plan to a new school. To move a plan, click anywhere in the green area around the name of the plan. The Move Plans button will now appear above the plan list. Click the button, and choose a Site, Category, and Plan Owner. The plan will now appear in the list of the plans for the site chosen.
Move Plans

Move Plans 2

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