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IO Education is a suite of modular products tightly integrated with the K-12 Data Platform

The modules are organized into supporting 3 specific outcomes: student achievement, educator effectiveness and operations efficiency. Schools and districts can start with the modules they need and expand their solution over time.

Student Achievement

IO Education empowers all levels of educators in school districts with a robust suite of products that support using data to create insight and action for student growth and achievement. Because of the modular integration with the K-12 Data Platform, partners can start with the solutions for their most pressing needs, and expand over time to take advantage of the seamless integration.

Integrated classroom platform that dramatically improves teacher workflow.

Advanced insight of aggregated student data through virtual data walls, dashboards and early warning

Comprehensive interim and formative assessment for print and online administration

Personalized student learning plans and management from aggregated student data

Real-time student and parent portal to encourage regular interactions

Early childhood literacy screening and intervention

Educator Effectiveness

IO Education equips school districts with a complete educator performance management system that moves beyond simple scheduling and compliance monitoring to utilize quantitative and qualitative data from observation as well as locally-defined measures of student growth that are available throughout the school year. With the educator portfolio, IO Talent allows educators to be actively informed and involved in their own professional development.

Flexible talent management using data from all domains to support teacher evaluation and growth

Proven online professional development that keeps teachers engaged and fits into busy schedules

A research-based evaluation tool that measures the effectiveness of school leaders

Operations Efficiency

With IO Operations, school districts have a full-features planning and evaluation system that allows for district-wide evaluation management scheduling, quantitative and qualitative observation, and benchmarking. IO Operations is the most powerful resource that your Operations Leadership team has to identify and eliminate waste, reduce cost and improve quality across each of your functional areas.

Customizable operational evaluation system that improves efficiency and reduces cost