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Standards-aligned formative assessments that empower teachers

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The student assessments solution from IO Education is a comprehensive formative assessment solution that aligns with district and state standards, including CCSS standards. The assessment module, powered by the EADMS platform, allows you to create, deliver, score and analyze a wide variety of exams, including placement, formative, interim / benchmark, summative and physical fitness tests. With the integrated K-12 Data Platform, schools and districts can finally diagnose strengths and weaknesses in standards mastery of individual students, schools and districts.


Clean teacher and student interfaces makes conducting assessments easy

Item authoring tool allows teachers to easily create newer types of items required for college and career readiness

Strong partnership with multiple item bank vendors to provide the best choice for each district

Proactively scaled platform to support peak assessment windows during late fall and late spring

Multiple options for gathering student responses - online, scanning, GradeCam, hand entry, and file uploads

Physical Fitness Test (PFT) tracking and monitoring


Online assessment delivery

  • Cutting edge online assessment delivery
  • Available across multiple devices and browsers
  • Secure student login using student id and session id
  • Utilize technology-enhanced items (TEI)

Plain-paper assessment delivery with GradeCam scoring for immediate feedback

  • Printable answer sheet
  • GradeCam scanning uses your computer's camera to scan answers sheets in class
  • Automatic scoring of selected-response items provides immediate formative feedback to teachers and students

Real-time analysis and reporting

  • Powerful report building for custom reporting
  • Compare assessment data by student, classroom, school and district
  • Systematically gather longitudinal data about student performance on assessments
  • Analyze by grade, gender, ethnicity and more to evaluate testing skill levels and student progress
  • Assess student mastery of standards
  • State Student Growth Percentiles (SGP)
  • State Value-Added Measures (VAM)

Integrated assessment bank

  • Powerful Manage Test tool
  • Draft and final assessment status
  • Share assessments with other colleagues
  • Manage test categories
  • Set cutpoints and performance levels
  • Utilize a variety of source assessment banks
  • Leverage standards-aligned assessments
  • Reorder items within assessment
  • Add multiple standards to an item

Integrated item banks

Constructed-response item creation

  • Create local items or use integrated item banks
  • Fill-in-the-blank
  • Short-answer
  • Essay

Selected-response item creation

  • Create local items or use integrated item banks
  • Multiple choice
  • True/false
  • Matching

Technology-enhanced item (TEI) creation

  • Create technology-enhanced items
  • Use graphics and video content
  • Order list response
  • Drop downs
  • Drawn response
  • Drag-and-drop (hotspot)
  • Table matching
  • Placing points
  • Text selection / highlighting

Physical Fitness Test

  • Plan for and conduct physical fitness test
  • Record observation data

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Additional Features

Standards-aligned assessments

  • Align questions to district or state learning standards
  • Align to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)
  • Align questions to Common-Core State Standards (CCSS)
  • Align to district and state multiple graduation pathways standards, including career / technical pathways

Author assessments from classroom to district-wide

  • Create local formative assessments
  • Author district-wide benchmark assessments
Dr. Carlye Olsen | Director Staff Development, Assessment & Accountability, Education Technology
Whittier Union ISD

We have used EADMS assessments by IO Education since 2002 and would not change assessment vendors. I have seen what is offered by others and have not seen anything else that would tempt me to consider changing. We work directly with IO Education to improve the product to meet new needs as they arise. I cannot give a higher recommendation.

Ari Hoogenboom | Principal
Abraham Lincoln High School

I'm really looking forward to when we are giving the Regents exam to one group of students, another group of students are going to get targeted tutoring. All of this tutoring is specifically targeted to areas of deficiency that we discovered by using IO Assessment. If we hadn't been given the assessment capabilities from IO Education, we would not have been able to program an entire school to give our students targeted tutoring. No more generic review; now it is targeted review where the students are deficient. That is an exciting thing.

Jessica Renovales | Teacher
P.S. 195

With IO Classroom, the teachers are really able to look at how the students are performing on the standards and then use the data to drive their instruction by creating groups and assigning a differentiated learning assignments or homework to guide the students’ progress. I would recommend IO Assessments to anyone. It is a tool that will help save every teacher many hours of creating and analyzing assessments.

Ari Hoogenboom | Principal
Abraham Lincoln High School

Everyone wants to cover all the material necessary for the state-wide exam, the Regents exam, and at the same time look for real evidence that your students are understanding and mastering the subjects. I think the best reason to do formative assessment and the best reason to use IO Assessment is to give teachers a very clear idea of whether or not the students have understood what you've been teaching. Using IO Assessment, our teachers can identify deficiencies and go back and re-teach while they are still engaged with student on the topic. There are very important areas that you want your students to understand and that's where IO Assessment is essential.

Lorraine Mooney | Director, Curriculum and Assessment
Jurupa Unified School District

IO Assessment by EADMS has played a vital role in the district’s effort to create relevant and challenging benchmark assessments. Their staff has provided tremendous support and assistance to help us produce up-to-date assessments. As we move towards computer based assessments aligned to the common core, IO Education has demonstrated how they will remain current with their product and service with these advancements.