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Proven online professional development that keeps teachers engaged and fits into busy schedules

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Teachers learn best from real-life scenarios specific to their daily classroom challenges, not from generic one-size-fits all training. That’s why our multimedia, case-based learning approach is not just engaging and collaborative, it is effective.


Case-based approach for learning to teach given the complexities of modern education

Multi-media rich real-life scenarios engage teachers

Facilitated courses offer a collaborative approach to learning

Comprehensive enough to replace or greatly reduce traditional face-to-face workshops

Supplements and extends existing district programs

Offerings align with issues faced in large, small, urban, rural, and preservice programs


Online, time-sensitive professional development

  • Job-embedded professional development
  • Enhance skills, maintain certification, and earn university credits
  • Courses are available for professional development units/continuing education units
  • Graduate credit through our partner universities
  • Expert course instructors and monitors with advanced degrees in their content area
  • Technologically blended, case-based approach
  • Read cases
  • View case-based videos
  • Library of current research

Case-based learning

  • Case-based learning is the basis to interpret and solve problems
  • Identify educational issues, problems or opportunities from the case
  • Recognize different perspectives or values that drive people's actions in the case
  • Call up personal, theoretical, and empirical knowledge relevant to the issues identified
  • Propose possible actions for handling the issues identified
  • Forecast the likely consequences of such actions

10 major content areas with 80 courses

  • English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
  • Education Leadership
  • Equity and Diversity
  • School Reform
  • General Education
  • Science Education
  • Gifted Education
  • Special Education
  • Math Education
  • Technology Integration
  • Reading and Literacy

Course availability for teachers, schools and districts

  • Site License with discount for group purchasers
  • Onsite training to train course facilitators within your district
  • Endorsement series of courses in special education, ESOL, reading, leadership and gifted education

Customized courses offerings

  • Customizing existing programs or creating new materials to supports the unique needs of school districts, colleges, and universities
  • Create learning opportunities for educators that reflect needs, interests, and goals
  • Reconfiguring courses with cases from our library chosen by your professional development staff
  • Embed your school or district data (test scores, demographics, socio-economic information) into cases for team analysis and problem solving
  • Revising cases to highlight pertinent issues confronting your teachers and staff members
  • Adjusting course pacing and assignments to fit your school calendar, teacher interests, or school-division goals
  • Creating original cases that meet your professional development needs
Susan L. DuBois | Teacher
Britt David Magnet Academy

Due to the coursework and feedback which was provided through Casenex in order to obtain my Gifted Education Endorsement, I have learned and implemented so many new strategies that have helped my gifted students become successful, happy, excited learners. I have had such an enriching learning opportunity whereby my administrators, my peers, my students, and their parents have noticed a wonderful difference within the learning environment in my classroom. I strongly encourage each teacher to take this coursework, even if they only work with one gifted student in their teaching career. It will make a huge difference in the educational experience of the student and teacher!

Danielle Bruno | Teacher and Instructional Coach
Providence Elementary School

The CaseNEX online learning environment is truly ahead of the curve. The content of CaseNEX courses is challenging and thought-provoking, and the online classroom community is perfect for learners who appreciate a flexible schedule. Earning my endorsement in Gifted Education through CaseNEX was one of the most positive and rewarding experiences I have had in sixteen years as an educator. The faculty and staff at CaseNEX are superb, and offer an unmatched level of support to their students. I highly recommend the CaseNEX experience.

Katherine V. Booth | Teacher
Sunrise Valley Elementary

I took a CaseNEX course last summer and was really surprised by the sense of community I felt in the course. Even though the class was online, I felt as though I really connected with the other teachers in the class and our instructor. I would often find myself looking for posts from certain people because even though I only recognized their names and had never met them, I felt as though I really agreed with things they had to say and knew that I would be able to respond to their comments. I'm glad that FCPS offers online classes because it is really easy to fit the course into your schedule and participate in the online discussions when it is convenient for you.

Martha Bingaman | Teacher
Baltimore County Public Schools, MD

The 5-step method used in the CaseNEX online courses fosters a comprehensive approach to viewing all sides of an issue. I found this to be helpful both in practice and in theory. After reading, and discussing the cases you feel comfortable expressing your own opinion, and better informed by reading the opinions of your colleagues. Again the procedure allows for a better overall approach to any classroom problem or situation because it encourages you to view varying aspects and viewpoints before brainstorming a variety of approaches or strategies.

Karyn Allee Scarcella | Instructional Resource Teacher
Orange County Public Schools, FL

It amazes me how technology has grown in such a short time span. I recall taking an online course and disliking it because of the informalities and technicalities it generated. CaseNEX and OCPS allow us to change that mold. They have created an interface that is user-friendly and OCPS has created a medium for administrators to communicate without having to travel. I look forward to the upcoming weeks and future courses.