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Classroom and School Workflow

The IO Classroom solution is revolutionizing the management of student data in the classroom and across the school. For the first time teachers and administrators will have a fully integrated set of tools that makes managing a classroom dramatically easier while providing school-wide information to administrators.


Integrate all classroom data into one solution

Improve efficiencies for classroom workflow

Create a cycle of communication and engagement with students and parents outside of the classroom


Standards-based gradebook

  • Define default grading options for the school
  • Full online gradebook with course preference options
  • Personal rubric charts and scales that can be shared with colleagues
  • Customize letter grade scales or numeric grade scales
  • Mastery-based grading and tracking of standards
  • Outcome-based gradebook aligned to any standard, including Common Core State Standards (CCSS)
  • Gradebook file attachments
  • Flexible gradebook weighting by category
  • Enter scores as points including adjustments
  • Drop low scores automatically
  • Curve grades for assignments, quizzes or tests
  • Automatic final grading based on teacher weighting of homework, projects, quizzes and tests
  • Print and export your gradebook

Assignment management

  • Create and reuse assignments
  • Attach supporting links and documents to assignments
  • Create assignments to multiple classes / courses at the same time
  • Create and schedule assignments in advance
  • Google apps integration for assignment templates and responses
  • Google forms integration for student polling
  • Easily import assessments into the online gradebook
  • Attach CCSS, state standards, or custom school standards to any assignments
  • Teachers can adjust when the assignment is viewed in the parent/student portal

Seating and attendance

  • Arrange student by the physical classroom layout
  • Drag-and-drop layout of students using student picture and name
  • Seat students according to their diagnostic learning needs
  • Take full class attendance with one click
  • Take attendance using the seating chart
  • Quickly adjust individual student attendance and add comments
  • Enter assignment grades using the seating view

Behavior and anecdotals

  • Anecdotal types are customized by each school to log student behavior
  • Anecdotals are quantified so schools can create a point value for each student behavior
  • Create customized schools badges that are aligned to the behavior to celebrate positive behavior
  • Anecdotes can be shared with other teachers, parents, and students
  • Optional automatic notification
  • School administrators can evaluate the school climate across all classrooms using point-value reporting

Report card management

  • Create report card templates for every grade and make custom templates for specific needs
  • School administrators can manage report card and summative assessment data
  • Teachers can automatically load grades, comment codes and conduct codes for report cards with one click
  • Notify teachers of missing grade reports with automatic notifications
  • School administrators can perform grading analysis by cohorts, grade, ethnicity, gender, groups, course, homeroom, teachers and department
  • Identify achievement trends across time and groups
  • Distribute digital report cards to parent and student portals
  • K-5 outcome-based and standards-based report card for grading by specific standards
  • Use pre-defined custom comments to ease commenting

Student profile & portfolio

  • Quickly access student profile data from all of your source systems
  • Student growth assessment (SGA) and student learning objectives (SLO)
  • Student portfolio
  • Student biographical information
  • Student transcripts
  • Assessment history
  • Progress reports and report cards
  • Upload key portfolio documents for students, such as awards or recommendation letters
  • Schedules
  • Graduation eligibility
  • College readiness assessment scores (SAT, ACT, PSAT, AP)
  • Attendance
  • Behavior
  • Intervention (RTI) plans

Additional Features

Parent and student engagement portal

Secure 2-way student and parent communication

  • Real-time bidirectional communication
  • Classroom-wide messaging
  • Teachers easily manage communications from their school workflow app
  • Automatic communication of grades, assignment, attendance, behavior and anecdotals to student and parent portals
  • Push notification of new messages
  • Language translation
  • State-of-the-art encryption to secure all messages

Team teaching and teaching assistants

  • Share access to some or all of your classes with other teachers to support multiple teachers handling grades, behavior, anecdotals and assignments at the same time

Set and track student learning goals

  • Easily insert and track individual student learning goals
  • Create student cohorts which can be used as a filter on all reports
  • Create in-house courses to track student learning goals, after school programs, tutoring courses, athletic teams and more

iOS and Android apps for teachers

  • Native applications allow teachers to manage their classroom from their mobile devices
Seung Yu | Principal
Academy for Software Engineering

We want to make sure that the data we have is in the hands of our teachers and counselors so that we can have conversations with students and families. We go down to the very specifics of how a student's performing, whether it's the standard of a specific skill or it is that a specific number of days that the student has missed. IO Classroom allows us to be able to have those conversations that are very targeted and pointed for students and families to make decisions.

Trisha Delaney | Principal
Elijah Stroud Middle School

IO Classroom is one of the greatest tools because it's connected to the ATS system and is very easy for us to know to take in new students, see their history and begin working with each child personally.

Sal Contes Jr. | Assistant Principal
New Dorp High School

Just like every school, I always want to have information at my fingertips and for us utilizing IO Classroom has allowed us to get the right information at the right time, every day whenever we need it. The fact that teachers have access to this information through the app has made it easy for our teachers.

Meredith Towne | AP Teacher
Academy for Software Engineering

The transparency that having a platform like IO Classroom provides is essential for the success of our school. Our administrators need to be able to see what's happening across the classes, while teachers need to understand what's going on in their classrooms. IO Classroom does just that and it is our way for teachers and administrators to communicate about students and identify students who may need intervention. It's a very quick way to figure out what's happening and what isn't happening based on the data so that we can plan a path forward.

Stephen Bland | Technology Teacher
Herbert Lehman High School

I use IO Classroom on a daily basis to give my students assignments, to give them scaffolded information about the assignment, giving them visuals, attachments, videos. The students actually come into the classroom and they log directly into IO Classroom and receive and complete their homework, take a formative assessment or interact with the materials I posted. There are so many wonderful features about this product.

Starr Sackstein | High School English and Journalism Teacher
World Journalism Preparatory School

One thing I love about IO Classroom is that I could use a standard based grade book as well the Common Core standards. I typically use three to five in any given assignment and then I'm able to give students very specific feedback about how they're approaching, meeting or exceeding those standards by using the feedback feature.

Seung Yu | Principal
Academy for Software Engineering

I think it’s important for every administrator to be efficient with their time and to be as productive as possible for not only themselves but for their staff members. IO Classroom and PupilPath allows us to be much more efficient and much more effective. I think the time is precious as an educator, so the right data tools allows us to analyze and take action on information in a way that gives time back into the educators schedule while being more informed.

Mark Erlewein | Principal
Staten Island Technical High School

Using IO Classroom’s anecdotal system has been transformative for us. In 2015, we began using the anecdotal system as our primary Dean and guidance referral system and as our system for teachers to provide positive and negative behavioural and academic feedback in the form of text responses as opposed to numeric entries on a grade book. IO Classroom has allowed us to quantify behavioural and social/emotional data, to be predictive and preventative to help improve academic achievement. How we use IO Classroom has helped transform the culture of our school.

Meredith Towne | AP Teacher
Academy for Software Engineering

Our teachers have been using IO Classroom to begin to transition to mastery based grading. We’ve done a lot of work on the backend to figure out how to write our own mastery standards for the needs of each course. Those standards are loaded into IO Classroom and then each teacher has their unique set of mastery standards that they can tag assignments with so it's been very successful and we’ve been able to customize it for the needs of our school and then our classes.