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Deep insights for teachers, school and district administration from all of your student data

The student insight solution from IO Education is the best way to improve strategic alignment, efficiency, accountability, cycle times and forecasting in your district and schools. By breaking down data silos and aggregating data into the K-12 Data Platform, each user, from teachers to district administrators, now has access to the right data at the right time. Student insights demystifies data around student achievement so that everyone can help drive growth and improvement.


Integrate all data into one solution

Visualize and analyze student achievement data

Meet state ESSA accountability and reporting requirements

Actionable data to personalize learning

Customized to meet district's’ specific needs and goals

Creates insights from data for every level in the district


Data visualization

  • Powerful analytics using familiar sorting, filtering and grouping
  • Visual rendering engine allows users to see student faces instead of raw data
  • Role-based profiles ensures users see data they have permission for
  • Quickly access student profile / learner profile and intervention plans from any report
  • Save analysis for easy re-use
  • Share the best reports with other educators

Virtual data wall

  • Create unlimited virtual data walls to monitor student progress
  • Utilize all student achievement data, including classroom data (grades, attendance, behavior, local benchmark assessments, student portfolio, etc), district and state assessments.
  • Each teacher and administrator has a personal data wall for their students

Early warning system (EWS)

  • Define EWS measures (EWIF) at both district and school level
  • Any data can be used as EWIF, such as academic / course performance, credit attainment, attendance, behavioral and social achievement
  • Define goals for each EWIF measure
  • View progress to goal and identify issues early
  • Filter on EWIF at-risk score in any report and analyze underlying EWIF measures

Multiple graduation pathways tracking

  • Establish any number of graduation pathways, such as STEM, arts, technical, humanities, etc.
  • Establish graduation pathways for IEP, gifted and honors students
  • Create district-wide requirements and school-specific requirements
  • Establish more rigorous distinction levels within each graduation pathway
  • Define graduation using many measures, including: total credits, credit attainment per year, state and district summative exams, course grades, AP coursework, attendance, behavior and more
  • View student or cohort attainment to graduation goal by their graduation pathway
  • Quickly identify off track students and what intervention is needed to get the each student back on track
  • Communicate on-track / off-track performance through the student and parent portal

School dashboards and best-practice reports

  • School-specific metrics to track student performance and growth
  • Establish KPI scorecards based on annual school initiatives
  • View KPIs across classrooms or sub-groups of classrooms
  • View KPIs by operational area if using Operational Efficiency module
  • View KPIs by educator if using Educator Effectiveness module

Personalized learning and interventions

  • Create best practices intervention templates for every category of intervention in the district
  • Establish consistent set of actions and outcomes
  • Dashboard of RTI monitoring makes it easy to track all intervention plans
  • Automated reminders of scheduled intervention activities
  • Track student progress from interventions using the virtual data walls

Additional Features

District dashboards and best-practice reports

  • District-wide metrics to measure progress on district goals
  • Establish KPI scorecards based on annual district initiatives
  • View KPIs across schools or sub-groups of schools
  • View KPIs by operational area if using Operational Efficiency module
  • View KPIs by educator if using Educator Effectiveness module

Personal dashboards

  • Personal dashboards allow each user to build their own dashboard view of data
  • Role based permission allow roles to access only the data relevant for them,  include teacher role, school administrator role, district administrator role and school board role

Role-based user profiles

  • Establish user roles and define the data they can access
  • Teachers access all of their student data
  • School administrators access student data across the school
  • District administrators access student data across the district
John Marcus | Director of Technology and Libraries
Sharon Public Schools

Our student data has been in silos all over the place for years, in filing cabinets, on paper, in Excel spreadsheets living on somebody’s computer and what IO Insight has allowed us to do is bring all of that data under one hood have it in a place that teachers can actually access it for years to come and really then look at individual students or groups of students and set plans for them to make sure that all students achieve.

Jennifer Hayden | Assistant Deputy Superintendent
Quincy Public Schools

Quincy public school has been very happy with IO Education, we found that it eases the reporting and the evaluation tool has been very helpful for our district.

Daniel Petrotta | Data Specialist and Special Education Teacher
World Journalism Preparatory School

As the data specialist at my school, IO Insights has been crucial for us to figuring out graduation requirements and making sure that our students are on track to graduate at the end of each and every year. As a special education teacher, it's even more important for me that I am keeping track of where my students are, especially with the new 4+1 multiple pathways to graduation requirements. It has made it very easy to track students and to make sure that they are lining up correctly so that they can move on and graduate.

Dr. James McCoy | Superintendent
Lee County School System

For being a digital newcomer, this system has been easy to learn. The visual experience of the virtual data wall makes it very easy to navigate all of the student data. It has been a smooth transition.