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Operational Observation, Evaluation & Planning

IO Operations is a comprehensive operations evaluation system. This module allows each functional area within district operations to define operational goals, observe and measure progress, evaluate progress longitudinally and manage improvement plans. IO Operations helps districts develop robust insights on your most important operations, including: food service, transportation, facilities, school safety, IT and athletics.


Allows each department to collect and analyze data at the school and district levels

Flexible field tools for capturing and combining quantitative and qualitative observational data

Centrally establish and monitor annual goals

Greatly simplify the creation and tracking of plans to meet goals

Monitor progress across all operations

Capture operational evidence in the portfolio


Operations evaluation system

  • Create and manage evaluation plans for each function of school and district operations
  • Create customizable goals
  • Establish school and district weighting on functional measures
  • Create operational plans from pre-defined district PD templates
  • Schedule of plan deliverable
  • Evaluation of progress to plan based on observation and operational data
  • Automatic notification of upcoming and missed plan deliverables or goals
  • Share evaluation plans with authorized users

Additional Features

Integrated local and state operations data

  • Longitudinal set of operational performance data
  • Apply weight to operational performance data based on district definition
  • Value-Added Models (VAM) - actual growth - predicted growth
  • District-Determined Measures (DDM)
  • Calculate operational improvement automatically based on flexible growth formulas

Operations evidence portfolio

  • Allow operations staff to upload and collect digital samples
  • Collect certificates and awards
  • Automatic loading of observation information to Operations Portfolio
  • Allow operations staff to self-score their observation data
  • Allow multiple independent reviewers to score observational data

Observation tools

  • Create customizable observation forms
  • Collect observational metrics
  • Collect survey data
  • Collect anecdotals for coaching
  • Collect photographic and video evidence
  • Shared evidence portfolio
  • Mobile application to make observation more effective
Dr. Chris Marczak | Director
Maury County Public Schools, TN

What I can say, emphatically, is that the group unanimously chose IO Education. We loved what the platform offered. They love the ability for a parent to login and to be able to see how their child is doing. They love the robustness. They love the ease of use. So it really wasn’t my decision to bring IO in, it was a decision of the committee; and that committee loved the product, the platform, the services and the potential.