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Using all of your student data for personalized learning

IO Plans is the personalized learning planning and management module that helps improve student achievement. IO Plans is tightly integrated to IO Insights module that provides robust, real-time student data needed by teachers to plan and manage personalized instruction.


Utilize all student data to develop a robust analysis of student needs

Identify needs for one student or a cohort, set goals and develop Individualized Learning Plans (ILP)

Realtime access to student data to monitor progress-to-plan

Collect evidence of progress in the student evidence portfolio

Quickly drill-down on student demographics, grades, assessments, behavior, and intervention strategies

Easily support Tier 1, 2 and 3 Response to Intervention (RTI) plans as well as talented and gifted student programs


Real-time access to all of your student data

  • Real-time integration with student data IO Insights
  • Baseline student performance
  • Evaluate all data from your SIS, demographical, state and district assessments, local and formative assessments
  • Reading assessments
  • Gradebook and credit accumulation
  • Behavioral and attendance
  • Access student evidence-portfolio

Design and Implement personalized learning plans (PLP)

  • Identify learning support needs
  • Establish goals for each student or cohort
  • Build personalized learning plan for a single students to many cohorts
  • Support Tier 1, 2 and 3 Response to Intervention (RTI) plans
  • Develop plans for advanced and gifted students

Monitor and analyze success of intervention strategies in real-time

  • Evidence-based portfolio aligned to standards
  • Evaluate progress-to-plan
  • Assess student performance to benchmark goals
  • Revise personalized learning plans

Additional Feature

Collaborate with other educators on student learning plans

  • Implement a virtual data wall to empower your PLC and data meeting
  • Save and share analysis of progress to plan
  • Save and share content to the standards-based student evidence portfolio
  • Communicate progress with students and parents through PupilPath by IO Education
John Marcus | Director of Technology and Libraries
Sharon Public Schools

Well the beauty of the solutions from IO Education is that it gets the information into the teacher's hands right away. So where our data for years has been with content coordinators or administrators, this allows our teachers to view their class and right away see years worth of data about kids and what kinds of interventions, what kinds of plans were made for those kids and then more quickly and readily adapt and make their curriculum stronger for those kids.