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Parent and Student Portal that Increases Engagement

PupilPath is a robust student and parent portal designed by teachers to encourage regular interactions on student learning and achievement.


Deepen student engagement by making grades, assignments, calendar and progress readily accessible

Simplify and centralize student and parent messaging through one channel

Realtime push notifications alerts students and parents to updates

Automatic translation from 50 different languages improves


Real-time communication to students and parents

  • Communicate attendance, behavior, grades
  • Virtual agenda book
  • Push and receive student assignments
  • Google Apps integration

Bi-directional, language localized messaging

  • Bi-directional message center
  • Consolidate communications with parents and students
  • Language localization with 50 languages

Native and web applications

Starr Sackstein | High School English and Journalism Teacher
World Journalism Preparatory School

Pupil Path is a great way for my students to track their own progress and take ownership of their learning. I input very specific feedback and then my students take ownership of incorporating the feedback and responding to me.

Sal Contes Jr. | Assistant Principal
New Dorp High School

In my class, the kids use PupilPath every day to check their status. What tends to happen is they check their grades, their attendance, and even their graduation progress. Then when one or two kids talking about it, thing go to another level. So for us PupilPath is planting the seed for students to allow them to take ownership of their academic progress, and allowing them to self-reflect on how they can better themselves.

Trisha Delaney | Principal
Elijah Stroud Middle School

PupilPath has been a tool that is really successful for our children because it's taken away the ‘I don't know.’ We can ask our students how they are doing in a class, and they will no longer say ‘I don't know.’ Now they know exactly how they are doing and what assignments are due. If the children don’t have a computer at home, they come to the school office all of the time so they can get the most updated information.

Stephen Bland | Technology Teacher
Herbert Lehman High School

The parent engagement component of IO Classroom, called PupilPath, is a great feature. I can message my parents and students and they can tell me if they’re not going to be in class. There are so many wonderful features about the program

Mark Erlewein | Principal
Staten Island Technical High School

As you can imagine in a specialized high school, we have a hundred percent of our students graduating and hundred percent going on to college, so both students and parents want to know where they stand all the time. With PupilPath from IO Education, we can finally provide students and parents 24x7 access to all of their student information. We’ve taken the brick walls and turned them into glass, creating a transparent community from an academic standpoint.

Daniel Petrotta | Data Specialist and Special Education Teacher
World Journalism Preparatory School

We use the tools from IO Education to help keep our parents involved and informed of the progress of how their children are doing - whether it's anecdotal, grade books, attendance which has been very helpful.