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Educator Observation, Evaluation & Planning

IO Talent is a flexible educator evaluation system that meets state and local requirements. Use IO Talent to plan, schedule, and conduct regular evaluation across your entire school and district. Then, IO Talent helps schools and districts develop robust insights on your staff and teaching methods by combining quantitative and qualitative observational data with comprehensive local and district data on student growth measures. The educator evidence portfolio and educator portal will allow your staff to view and collaborate on professional development plans and growth.


Configurable to meet state and district evaluation requirements

Flexible field tools for capturing and combining quantitative and qualitative observational data

Centrally establish and monitor annual goals

Greatly simplify the creation and tracking of plans to meet goals

Monitor progress across all staff and encourage ongoing dialog

Capture teacher evidence in the portfolio and allow peer review


Educator evaluation system

  • Create and manage evaluation plans for all educator positions
  • Create customizable rubrics
  • Establish school and district weighting
  • Create the plans from pre-defined district PD templates
  • Schedule of plan deliverables
  • Evaluation of progress to plan based on observation and student growth data
  • Automatic notification of upcoming and missed plan deliverables or goals
  • Share evaluation plans with authorized users

Comprehensive reporting

  • Visualize all of your staff data
  • Conduct deep analytics with familiar sorting, filtering and grouping
  • View performance data from all data sources
  • Easy to read dashboards allow summarizes performance and professional development needs

Integrated local and state student performance data

  • Longitudinal set of student performance data
  • Utilize local student performance data (grades, behavior, quizzes, formative assessments)
  • Integrate district and state student performance data (summative assessments)
  • Apply weight to student performance data based on district definition.
  • Value-Added Models (VAM) - actual growth - predicted growth
  • District-Determined Measures (DDM)
  • Median Student Growth Percentiles (SGPs)
  • Calculate student growth values automatically based on flexible growth formulas

Educator evidence portfolio

  • Alignment to student learning objectives (SLO)
  • Allow educators to upload and collect digital samples
  • Collect certificates and awards
  • Automatic loading of observation information to Educator Portfolio
  • Allow educators to self-score their observation data
  • Allow multiple independent reviewers to score observational data
  • Tag observation items with the state standards, student growth goals or professional practice goals

Observation tools

  • Create customizable observation forms
  • Collect observational metrics including subject knowledge, student engagement, and communication skills
  • Collect survey data
  • Collect anecdotals for coaching
  • Collect photographic and video evidence
  • Shared evidence portfolio
  • Mobile application to make observation more effective
Debbie Spinelli | Superintendent
Foxborough Public Schools

I would describe customer service from IO Education as superior and I don't say that lightly, because it's hard in education to describe anything that way but I would describe it as superior because we have made multiple requests to tweak the way a screen looks, the way a specific component interacts with the user and always have had a one hundred percent responsiveness and in very short order. So we've been able to make the IO Talent system even more customized to meeting our needs because every time we've asked it's been customized to our users.

Dr. John Doherty | Superintendent
Reading Public Schools

We were data rich, but information poor, and needed to make our teacher evaluation work. After a year of using IO Talent, we are able to do a much better job of helping our teachers and students improve

John Marcus | Director of Technology and Libraries
Sharon Public Schools

We've had some really positive success with IO talent. The teachers have been able to get into their materials and look at the forms, be able to see where they're at, upload their evidence for those kinds of things from the state and really collaborate more with their evaluators, they're able to through having that sort of shared access and more universal access they're able to actually have conversations with their evaluators more regularly and more comfortably.

Jennifer Hayden | Assistant Deputy Superintendent
Quincy Public Schools

Quincy public school has been very happy with IO Education, we found that it eases the reporting and that IO Talent, the evaluation tool, has been very helpful for our district.

Amy Bertos | Assistant Superintendent
Foxborough Public Schools

IO Talent has not only provided a solution for educator evaluation from an organizational standpoint but it has been a catalyst for us as a collaboration tool. As an example, the evidence board has provided opportunities for teachers to share what they've been doing in their classrooms by posting to their evidence board, which has been a springboard for other conversations with the evaluators and has impacted classroom instruction by the sharing from teacher to teacher.