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PupilPath 2.0 Is Here!

IO Education is excited to announce the release of PupilPath 2.0 mobile app for iOS and Android. This new version is a full rewrite of the original PupilPath application.

The app is now fully native, providing a much faster, cleaner and more responsive user experience. The UI has been beautifully redesigned to make use of screen real estate on all device sizes and to better show progress for students.

If you have the PupilPath app installed on your phone or iPad, please update your app through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

To install the app for the first time, follow the appropriate link below:


All New Today View

The new Today view, enables parents and students to have a much better view of what’s due in the in the next 10 days for each course, empowering students to plan further ahead.

More Updates



We are excited about these improvements to PupilPath and hope they will benefit your students and parents. If you have questions or feedback about the PupilPath 2.0 release, or would like to submit feature requests, please send us a message at