IO Education is excited to announce updates to the PupilPath and Skedula iOS applications.

PupilPath Updates:
Users can now access their Assessment History in the app.


Additionally, users can now change terms within PupilPath.  A small green circle will appear when the user is in the current term, and the indicator will turn red when viewing any other term.  Switching terms will change ALL views within the app to the chosen term, including the Today View (will only be active in current term).

Change Term

Skedula Updates:
In Skedula, users can now use fingerprint and passcode to unlock the application.  A one-time setup screen will appear when logging into the new version, and when the screen locks for the first time, the user will be prompted to unlock Skedula with either option, depending on local phone settings. Users can turn the feature on or off by clicking on the gear icon at the bottom of the screen.

Security Settings

Finally, the Student Portfolio page has a new layout, with student Name, ID, Date of Birth, and other student information.


Thank you for your continued support of IO Education. If you have questions about the updates, or would like to submit feedback or feature requests, please contact us at

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