Mapping Out a Plan for Success

Turn data into insights and deliver the right instruction to the right students at the right time

Data Analysis and Planning Tools that Turn Insights into Actions

Make targeted and personalized learning a reality in every classroom

Unrivaled Access to Data with IO Insights

Dashboards and Reports

With IO Insights, real-time dashboards and the early warning system track at-risk indicators, such as student achievement, graduation pathways, integrated RTI/MTSS implementation, and more. IO Insights users can create custom summary reports and filter to see details at the student level.

Virtual Data Wall™

IO Education’s proprietary Virtual Data Wall ™ uses student photos to help teachers analyze student progress on a whole new level. Teachers can filter and sort to identify specific data points and monitor growth over time. The Virtual Data Wall combined with IO Insights enhances collaboration and enables data-based decision making.

Create Customized and Standards-Aligned Assessments

With access to over 50,000, standards-aligned items and the ability to create your own custom questions. IO Education provides the tools and flexibility to deliver all of your assessment needs.  Technology enhanced items give you additional flexibility and accessibility options like text-to-speech and zoom accommodate diverse student populations.

PALS Literacy Assessment Tools

All-in-One Screening

Backed by 20+ years of research at The University of Virginia, PALS is the essential screening, diagnostic, and progress monitoring tool for measuring the fundamental components of literacy.

Diagnostic and Progress Monitoring

Any assessment can tell you where your students are. But can it tell you what to teach next?

"The transparency that having a platform like IO Education provides is essential for the success of our school. Our administrators need to be able to see what’s happening across the classes, while teachers need to understand what’s going on in their classroom."

Meredith Towne   AP Teacher, Academy for Software Engineering

“IO Education has helped us to quantify behavioral and social/emotional data, to be predictive and preventative to help improve academic achievement. How we use IO Education’s products have helped transform the culture of our school."

Mark Erlewein   Principal, Staten Island Technical HS

"We want to make sure that the data we have is in the hands of our teachers and counselors so that we can have conversations with students and families. We go down to the very specifics of how a student’s performing, whether it’s the standard of a specific skill or it is that a specific number of days that a student has missed. IO Education allows us to be able to have those conversations that are very targeted and pointed for students and families to make decisions."

Seung Yu   Principal, Academy for Software Engineering, NYC

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Are You Ready To Improve Educational Outcomes?

Ask us about our products, pricing, implementation, or anything else!

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