Literacy Screening and Growth

All assessments can tell you where your students are. But can they tell you what to teach next?

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"PALS is vital to my daily instruction for my struggling readers. I am able to pinpoint exactly which phonics features that my students need individually using the teacher friendly reports. The Quick Checks allow me to monitor their progress and adjust instruction as needed."

Molly Tomsick   Teacher, Campbell Elementary, REI Valley Colorado

"The data we get from PALS has been invaluable in helping us plan differentiated instruction and your online access to all teachers and student data has been a great help to me as the site administrator in planning professional development."

Bernadette Halloran   Literacy Coach, La Causa Charter School

"PALS is all put into one package. At this time we had this assessment, this assessment, this assessment, and they all measured what PALS was doing, but the assessments didn't talk to each other. They (teachers) liked PALS because it was put into one spot."

Missy Bousley   Reading Specialist for Southern Door Elementary School, Southern Door, WI

"PALS provides a heightened awareness of all the different parts of literacy. PALS creates more diagnostics so you can look at different parts and see what you can do to help a student or where they are lacking in an area."

Sara LeRoy   First grade teacher, Southern Door, WI

"The teachers liked that the student had a progression of assessments that went back down to the foundational level if they were missing skills there. Within two years (teachers) started to ask questions like "What does this data tell us?" I had hoped that they asked those questions and they did."

Missy Bousley   Reading Specialist for Southern Door Elementary School, Southern Door, WI

Backed by 20+ Years of Research

Developed by University of Virginia, PALS provides the most thorough, actionable and proven literacy assessments for students at all levels.

The only literacy assessment that measures the concept of word - a key, early predictive indicator of literacy development.

Measure and monitor children's knowledge of grade-level literacy fundamentals from Pre-K through 8

Inform teachers' instruction by providing explicit information about their students' knowledge of literacy fundamentals

Mid-year forms and PALS Quick Checks allow for ongoing student progress monitoring throughout the year

PALS español provides unique, native language tool for Spanish speaking students

Online system provides resources for planning and conducting instruction, with online score entry and reporting

Measuring Literacy Fundamentals

Finding those who are behind

PALS provides a direct means of matching literacy instruction to specific literacy needs and provides a means of identifying those children who are relatively behind in their acquisition of fundamental literacy skills.

PALS measures these key literacy fundamentals:

  • phonological awareness
  • alphabet knowledge
  • letter sounds
  • spelling
  • concept of word
  • word recognition in isolation

Specific Tasks for a Total Score

The right tasks for diagnosis

Students’ scores on PALS screening tasks, chosen because they are predictive of later literacy development, are added together to create a summed score. The summed score is the benchmark for identifying at-risk students for reading development. The data provided contains specific instructional reading levels and spelling stages for all students so teachers can plan instruction for the entire class. Every student, at every level.


Continued effectiveness

Teachers can use a wide variety of student and classroom reports and tools to plan individual, small-group, and whole-group instruction. Use PALS RtI Quick Checks to monitor effectiveness of instruction and celebrate success along the way.

PALS español

An authentic assessment of Spanish literacy development

PALS español is was developed to assess Spanish literacy development in the native language of Spanish-speaking children, and not simply a translation of PALS. It also provides teachers with valuable diagnostic information that helps them target instruction to individual students’ needs.

Training for all levels


Our implementation specialists are trained to listen. They are committed to each user, data piece, and staff inquiry. With hundreds of successful implementations nationwide, we understand a personal approach helps each school and district succeed.


Once implemented, we know that training for all your educators and teachers is critical for adoption and success. Our trainers focus on each user at every level – from technically advanced to technically cautious – and empower our expert users with certificate programs.


Our support begins at the beginning. We believe in equal levels of support no matter where you are in our process: from the first inquiry on day one to questions months (or years) later. Email and phone inquiries are addressed by friendly, knowledge experts within 24 hours. We value our clients and thank them by supporting them, always.

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